Baby Shanaya The First Final Send Off

Shanaya was diagnosed with the rare cancer stage four Ewings sarcoma and passed away on 16 May, 2019. Watch her final sendoff here

NEWS: The little giant, the five-year-old Shanaya Govender better known as ‘Shanaya the First vs Ewings Sarcoma‘ touched millions of people across the globe in a short span of time as she battled cancer.

Through her Facebook Fan page, Shanaya shared her journey as she fought each day bravely. Shanaya’s family left no stone unturned to ensure quality of life for her documented her life in the most beautiful way possible. The five-year-old had been battling a rare form of cancer and had passed away peacefully at home on May 16, 2019.

At age four, Shanaya was diagnosed with the rare cancer type known as ‘Ewings Sarcoma’ with metastasis in both lungs and later her left arm had to be amputated.

Shanaya’s celebration of life

Shanaya’s parents, mom Lee-Ann Nambiar Govender, dad Shane Govender along with their son, Vikeshlyn, traveled to KwaZulu-Natal on Friday, 17 May to complete their daughter’s journey.

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Shanaya didn’t believe in overthinking anything. Our princess taught us about Living in the Now. You told us you wanted to go to the ocean today and so we doing just that.

You sitting on Mommy’s lap as Daddy drives us on a road trip to the ocean. Hope you loving all the music we are playing.

Lee-Ann Nambiar Govender

Watch the final send off tribute for Shanaya here

Our hearts are broken, our souls are empty.

As we walked towards the ocean this evening we were not prepared to be blessed with such serenity.

What more could we have asked for than a beautiful sky and ocean lite solely by a bright full moon.

Rapunzel’s song played
“And at last I see the light
And it’s like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it’s like the sky is new
And it’s warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you”

You only allowed 3 of 10 lanterns to go up into the sky. You always spoke about when you were 3.

We love you Shanaya. Thank you for giving us your strength today.

Lee-Ann Nambiar Govender

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