Pastor feeds dog meat & Fanta to congregants

#POLOKWANE: A self-proclaimed pastor in South Africa of ‘Ambassadors of Christ Gospel Ministries church’ has come under fire for feeding his congregants dog meat as communion and Fanta as ‘the blood of Christ’.

In a post on the church’sΒ Facebook page, photos of two men standing with a dog’s bloody head can been seen. Other congregants are seen eating the alleged dog meat.

Attached to the post are also pictures of a slaughtered and skinned dog.

Next to a bowl filled with what is alleged to be the dog meat stands a bottle of cold drink.

“This is no longer a dog meat but the body of Christ, this is no longer a fanta but the blood of Christ, this is no different from the biscuits and the appletizer you buy at the shop and declare as the body and the blood, they are the same because they are declared one thing, when you eat here you will receive your freedom, healing and deliverance, this is our lord’s body and blood.

“This is not a religious church, we don’t follow a pattern but are led by God’s spirit, we believe God can do anything through anything. It is time to confuse and confront the wise,” the post to the pictures reads.

Social media users have blasted the “prophet” for the cruel act.

“Please tell me the name of the pastor. I’m at the police station trying to open a criminal case against the pastor,” a comment read.

A second comment said: ” The witchcraft you people are committing these days in the name of God.”

A third comment read: “There’s a difference between Jesus Christ of Nazareth and anti-Christ. Wisdom is needed. Lord have mercy.”

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  1. This is absolute witchcraft! They are eating flesh, this practice is also known as a sacrifice. This is not biblical. Jesus broke bread and called it His body. This was done during the time of the Passover. For that instance He could have used a sacrificial lamb and called it His body but He did not! We use bread/wafers/biscuits for the Holy Communion, we do not use flesh!!!