Salman fans threaten Sona Mohapatra with death following tweets over Priyanka Chopra-Jonas

Salman Khan has recently been making his way to several headlines for his constant jibes against Priyanka Chopra.

Seems like the bhai of Bollywood cannot take no for an answer! Busy with the promotions of his upcoming biggie ‘Bharat’ directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and starring Katrina Kaif, Salman has his plates full at the moment. However, he is suffering from a serious case of PeeCee withdrawal and he definitely isn’t hiding it!

Priyanka Chopra was originally cast as the female lead in Bharat opposite Salman. But due to her wedding with Nick Jonas, she had to step out of the film, giving way to Katrina Kaif as the lead.

Since then Salman continued to subtly attack Priyanka in many interviews. According to sources, Bhai went on to say, “And she, over Bharat, did choose USA in the ‘nick’ of time. She has worked so hard all her life, okay? And when she got the biggest film of her life, she dumped that film and got married. You know, hats off! Usually, people leave their husbands for a film like this.”

He addressed PeeCee’s wedding as the “Nick story” and called it “embarrassing”.

While Priyanka hasn’t yet responded to any of his remarks, singer Sona Mohapatra had a lot to say about the issue.

Sona, who is known to not mince words, posted a series of tweets wherein she slammed Salman for his alleged “toxic masculinity” and said how PeeCee has better things to do.

While it seems like this drama will continue for quite some time, kudos to Sona Mohapatra for being fearless in speaking her mind, even against B-Town biggies!

Death treats

Post the comments, she was trolled on social media, and now she has received a death threat from a Twitter user.

The singer on Wednesday shared a screenshot of the message she received from an unknown person. Along with the photo, she wrote, “Such & such mails come my way regularly, from the followers of this ‘hero’ of bad behaviour. This beacon of ‘human’ values who inspires such serial toxic behaviour is actually claiming the title of # Bharat, drawing parallels with our great nation, nothing lesser. @NCWIndia.”

The message Sona Mohapatra received read, “Once again if you will tell anything bad about Salman Khan……I will get into your house and kill you. Its the first and final warning…”

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