Chatsworth woman humiliated in viral video; social media hits back

The woman who interrogated the victim.

#Chatsworth: An elderly woman has literally had her life come crashing down after a shocking video was uploaded on social media site, Facebook and circulating on Whatsapp.

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In the video, a woman is interrogated by another angry female who threatens her and demands answers over an alleged affair with a younger man.

The visibly shaken and terrified victim is taunted and sworn at as she is forced to admit to the alleged affair. A female not visible in the video who is apparently the wife is heard in the background suggesting that the video be uploaded to Facebook.

The video has been shared widely in the South African Indian social media circles.

Social media users have largely condemned the offensive video where this elderly woman is aggressively taunted and shamed. Many have called for the person who created the video to be found and charged.

Durban philanthropist Ravi Govender steps in to assist

The victim according to Durban philanthropist, Ravi Govender has undergone immense stress that has also affected her children.

Govender took to Facebook sharing his disgust at the vile actions that have wreaked havoc on this Chatsworth woman’s life.

He said,

“Guys I have been silent on the recent happening that has gone viral.
Today, I wanted to do a video recording with Aunty to hear and show her side of things.

My business partner and dear friend advised me against it. I capitulated to her advice. Thanks to community activist Devan Kistnasamy Naicker who visited her and took some goods for her, I received her blessing to contact her.

Our community has judged her. Most have agreed that the videos were wrong to be created. I have only seen one and was disgusted at an elderly lady being abused. Why was “Romeo” not castigated and punished too? I believe there are another two videos that show her being assaulted and further abused.

Anyway the videos have backfired and the person responsible for making it…allegedly the wife…has gained infamy more than Aunty.

I will not reveal details except to say that Aunty is exceptionally poor and her children are going through “hell”. We can understand why. Now is NOT the time to ‘throw stones’ at her. It’s time to give an elderly lady back her dignity.

I am chatting to her tomorrow morning. Paramount is that she MUST lay charges. There are some hectic things that they did to her. I can identify THREE different charges. My police associates have advised me how to proceed. There are some wonderful souls that asked me to let them assist her. Thank you. Will advise you tomorrow.

Let’s give her dignity back to her. Let’s RIGHT a serious WRONG. Let not Sunday’s Mothers’ Day be marred by a sad statistic.”


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  1. I think you are doing a great job helping the elderly aunty. Please I beg that you ensure to the best of your ability that the lady who made the video and the wife should both be punished by the law.

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