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KFC Racism video Alan Gerber
Alan Gerber the man behind the racist attack at KFC Socttburgh

KFC racist man identified, wife speaks out

#KALI: The matter of a racist incident at the Scottburgh branch of KFC has gone viral this past weekend.

Indian Spice has managed to positively identify the individual as Glen Gerber in the video who threatened KFC Scottburgh staffers. Gerber used a series of expletives and racist terms to describe the Black and Indian staffers.

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After tracing him down, we were able to speak to his wife, Tanya Gerber regarding the incident. Soon after our call with his wife, his social media profiles have been taken down after we questioned her over his racist social media habits.

The full interview is available below for you to listen to.

Glen Gerber what we found out

Indian Spice looked into the history of Glen Gerber, we discovered that he has a series of profiles on social media site, Facebook.

Glen Gerber
KFC opens case in racial incident, investigation underway

After trolling his accounts, we discovered that Gerber was a soldier in the Border War which his wife also confirmed in the interview. While searching his Facebook library of photos, we discovered a photo of the old South African flag.

This raised our suspicions that Gerber harbours racist views.

KFC opens case in racial incident, investigation underway

Upon searching further, we were disturbed to find this visual in his photo library.

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Another old flag with the words ‘Fokkie K*ffers.’

KFC opens case in racial incident, investigation underway

Listen to the interview below


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