Movie Review: #SOTY2 is really a Kalank

Student of the Year 2 movie cast: Tiger Shroff, Aditya Seal, Ananya Panday, Tara Sutaria, Gul Panag, Manoj Pahwa, Samir Soni
Student of the Year 2 movie director: Punit Malhotra
Student of the Year 2 movie rating: One and a half stars

SOTY 2 is a sequel to the first 2012 edition, and it doesn’t even bother refreshing the template: everything is dispiritedly familiar. The only way to describe Student Of The Year 2 is that it is Karan Johar’s “dharma” to campaign for star kids and display to the world what these lovelies are capable of.

And that is precisely the problem: despite the presence of singing-dancing-fighting hotstar, Tiger Shroff who seems to be launched over and over again in Bollywood.

Then there are the two brand new female leads, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday, and a whole new set of ‘teachers’, this part two comes off choppy and jaded.

The entire movie is more of a portfolio showreel presentation of the fresh new meat – let’s exclude Shroff – in Bollywood.

You can expect Shroff to ‘dazzle’ you with his muscles, smile and dance moves but that’s about it! Playing the role of Rohan Sachdev the-underdog-with-big-dreams who enters the hallowed portals of St Teresa’s, he’s given every opportunity to ripple his admirable musculature, and show off his dancing prowess.

Nothing new comes out of Shroff, I would hope this is the absolute last time that he has to be launched in Bollywood.

Shroff executes his dances-and-fights efficiently, even though his struggles to appear student-like are far more evident than his co-stars, who may just pass off as young college-goers if they took the layers of make-up and skin-tight tube dresses off.

That niggle is moot because this is a Karan Johar production where no-classes-no-books rule. Of course, you don’t go looking for any realism or sense, but it’s not even properly silly, and the standard of what passes for acting is so low sticks that in the craw. Sutaria is perfectly put together and yet looks assembly-line produced. Panday (daughter of Chunkey) is much more animated, and shows promise. But there’s zero sizzle among the- two -girls -who -love -the -same boy angle. There’s more happening between the two male leads, Shroff and his chief rival, the Bad Rich Boy Manav, played by Seal, who sparks here and there.

The running time is too long for what is, essentially, yet-another-buffed-up-version of ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’ crossed with ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. Despite its problems, the 2012 flick had a certain goofiness to it. This class of 2019 is awash with predictable beats, which is to be expected from an underdog story, but that it is so clichéd and stilted, is disappointing: from KJo I expect much more swish and sparkle.

As a ‘CSR initiative’ we also have Aditya Seal and Tara Sutaria. While Aditya manages to hold his own, Tara really needs a crash course to learn at least 3 extra expressions.

These 4 play college kids who have the biggest challenge of their lives – to win the Dignity Cup (full marks for the name) for their respective colleges and earn the title of “student of the year” for themselves .

In contention are 2 hunks – Rohan aka Tiger and Manav aka Aditya. The damsels play either the inspiration or distractions for our two handsome hunks. They are also there as models for Manish Malhotra costumes.

The only thing that remains untouched is how Bollywood has evolved a separate genre to cater to the ever increasing demands of their fraternity members to see their kids well ensconced in the Bollywood milieu.

The previous Student of the Year gave us 3 stars – Alia, Siddharth and Varun Dhawan. The real success of this venture will be to see how Tiger, Ananya, Tara and Aditya shape their careers post this PPT presentation of their many skills and qualities.

But the day Tiger Shroff stops getting launched and does a movie without a single slow mo shot of his utterly amazing body being twisted in unbelievable ways would be a spectacular moment for all.

If you care to attend this class you are most welcome to do so at your own risk.

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