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Pictorial: Remembering Satyajit Ray on his 98th birth anniversary

On Satyajit Ray’s 98th birth anniversary, here’s a pictorial tribute to the legendary filmmaker. Ray not only placed Indian cinema on the global cinematic map but his work also inspired many acclaimed filmmakers.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded Satyajit Ray an Honorary Academy Award in 1992.

A prolific filmmaker, during his lifetime Ray directed 36 films, comprising of features, documentaries and short stories. These include the renowned Apu trilogy (Pather PanchaliAparajito [1956] and Apur Sansar [1959]), Jalsaghar(1958), Postmaster (1961), Charulata (1964), Days and Nights in the Forest (1969) and Pikoo (1980) along with a host of his lesser known works which themselves stand up as fine examples of storytelling.

His films encompass a diversity of moods, techniques, and genres: comedy, satire, fantasy and tragedy. Usually he made films in a realist mode, but he also experimented with surrealism and fantasy.

Satyajit Ray
Only after getting introduced to French director Jean Renoir did Satyajit Ray get especially interested in filmmaking. During his three-month stint in London, Ray watched a staggering 99 films but among them, Ladri di biciclette (Bicycle Thieves) by Vittorio De Sica had the most profound impact on him. It is said that he walked out of the theater determined to be a filmmaker. (Express archive photo)
Satyajit Ray
Film Director Satyajit Ray *** Local Caption *** Film Director Satyajit Ray. Express archive photo
Satyajit Ray
Actor Amjad Khan and Victor Bannerjee with director Satyajit Ray in film Shatrang Ke Khilari. (Express archive photo)
Satyajit Ray
Director Satyajit Ray Dilip Kumar (2). Express archive photo
Satyajit Ray
Satyajit Ray with actor Moon Moon Sen. (Express archive photo)
Satyajit Ray
Actor Kishore Kumar chats with director Satyajit Ray in Calcutta on the set of film MAHAPURUSH I KAPURUSH. Express archive photo
Satyajit Ray
Actor Satyajit Ray and Sharmila Tagore in film MANIK DA. Express archive photo

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