Sushmita Sen’s love story began with a DM on Instagram

Sushmita Sen has been sharing pictures with boyfriend Rohman Shawl on Instagram for the last several months. The two are often seen travelling or working out together. While she never hid her relationship, the actor had never spoken to the media about it.

In a recent interview with Rajeev Masand though, Sushmita Sen opened up about her relationship with Rohman and called their meeting a “serendipitous” one.

While many have speculated that Sushmita met Rohman at a fashion show or an event, the actor revealed that Rohman had first slid into her DMs on Instagram, and she accidentally opened it.

“It’s a very beautiful serendipitous story. He sent me a direct message (on Instagram). I felt that if I check it you are allowing people to communicate with you. So I had many direct messages and I had not opened any. Touch screen phone ki jai ho because I was just checking what all had come and this boy broke something in the room. So I was talking to him and I came back and it so happened that I had opened one of the DMs and it was a message from him.”

Sushmita Sen

“The first thing I did was read the message and it was from a compassionate warm person. So I go look at this account and I look at the person and say ‘aah the face matches the voice’. I wrote back saying ‘Thank you so much. Your message made my day. I wish you all the happiness in the world’,” Sushmita said in the interview.

Sushmita reveals that when she was en-route to the US, Rohman replied with “I am jumping from one room to the other. I can’t believe you responded.”

“And again this message was all heart. It was a person who was not trying to pretend. These kind of people get to me like that. Just honest and straightforward,” Sushmita says.

The two were not in touch at all while Sushmita was away in the US for a month, as Rohman “didn’t want to come across as overbearing” by sending too many messages.

The two finally met over coffee and have been dating for the last nine months.

But Sushmita is not ready to tie the knot yet.“If I get married at any point it will be because I want to commit to the idea of forever. And I am not ready for that yet.”Sushmita Sen

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