Edible Ganesha leaves social media users annoyed

Be it a chocolate Ganesha, or Ganesha idol made of veggies, each Ganesh Chaturthi, creative minds are looking at eco-friendly solutions.

#DURBAN: A South African chocolatier has come under fire and praise at the same time from social media users for his soluble, edible effigy of the Hindu god, Ganesha.

The ‘Chocolate Ganesha’ by Ruveshan Padayachee of ‘Decadent Chocolates‘ is aimed at promoting eco-friendliness. This innovation is widely accepted around the world and specifically India. The Chocolate Ganesha is an idol made of chocolate, which does not need to be submerged in water as part of a ‘visarjan’ – immersion – ritual.

The idea behind this edible Ganesha is that you can pour Lord Ganesha’s favourite milk on to the idol, to melt the sculpture to signify the visarjan and then have the chocolate milk distributed amongst friends and family or the needy.

Check out the innovative Lord Ganesha idol made by Ruveshan of ‘Decadent Chocolates’

Decadent Chocolates sample of the soluble Ganesha that has people split on the idea

Where did this idea of the chocolate Ganesha originate from?

It is believed that one of the first to come up with this was Mumbai-based-designer and home-baker Rintu Kalyani Rathod who created a chocolate Ganesha in 2015. 

Ganesh Chaturthi 2017: Heard of Chocolate Ganesha? The Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol is the Newest Trend

The idol weighing 35 kilograms was completely made of chocolate and it took almost 50 hours to make it.

The idol was decorated with edible colours. On the day of the Visarjan, the idol was bathed in 90 litres of milk and the chocolate milk was then distributed among a large number of underprivileged children, who could not afford a luxury treat like this.

Before this, Rintu has also experimented eco-friendly Ganesha idols made of sugar.

Rintu’s noble initiative went viral, and ever since Chocolate Ganesha has become a hit across marts, bakeries, and confectioneries of Mumbai and also several other parts of the country. Last year, three chefs from Belfrance Bakers & Chocolatiers, a bakery in Ludhiana, jumped onto the eco-friendly bandwagon by preparing a 40-kilogram Belgian chocolate Ganesha, which was drenched in milk on the day of the Visarjan and the chocolate-flavoured milk was then distributed amongst the needy.

To view more of Padayachee’s creations visit here

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  1. The image worship of the KABBAH in MAKKAH or of Lord Vishnu in Varansi proves that man needs an image to realise his faith in God or ALLAH. All of us believe in God via a means of assistance of images. No religion has been without an image since eternity. We always try to confine our image of God to our own imagination. Mooi Bly mense. Geniet de dag.