Stats: SA Indians speak this language more than others

#SOUTHAFRICA: The Indian/Asian population group is the most monolingual, with 92.1% speaking English at home.

More than 77.4% of coloured individuals speak Afrikaans at home, while 20.1% use English.

More than 61.2% of white South Africans speak Afrikaans and 36.3% speak English.

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Black Africans speak a much larger variety of languages. Besides the two most commonly spoken languages, isiZulu (31.1%) and isiXhosa (18.2%), StatsSA noted that sub-groups of black African individuals also spoke Sepedi (12.4%), Setswana (11.1%) and Sesotho (9.7%)

IsiZulu is South Africa’s most spoken language. This according to StatsSA’s latest General Household Survey (GHS) which released its report at the end of May.

Just more than 25.3% of individuals speak isiZulu at home, while 14.8% speak isiXhosa and 12.2% speak Afrikaans.

The sixth most common home language in SA is English, with 8.1% of people speaking it at home.

However, English is the second most commonly spoken language outside the household at 16.6%, after isiZulu at 25.1%. IsiXhosa is at 12.8%.

StatsSA noted that the use of most languages outside the household declined, with the notable exceptions of isiZulu and Setswana.

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  1. Drs Sears Appalsamy

    English is mostly spoken at home. I can speak Zulu( Fanagalo) Tamil and Telugu. Telugu is my home language too at home with my late mum and dad.