The South African Indian accent

Indians in India and in the diaspora usually have an excellent command of English.

This, of course, is not surprising because they have lived under the British Raj or were, in past centuries, sent all over the world in British employment (railway and sugar cane workers in South Africa, Eastern Africa, Guayana and the West Indies).

This Youtuber, Sandhira Chetty has this special video dedicated to the South African Indian lingo. Have a watch

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  1. Drs Sears Appalsamy

    I was sitting in a bus and going to Central London about 10 years ago. I was in the back seat I heard some white people speaking to each other. I turned back and asked them if they were from South Africa. They were surprised that I knew where they came from. They asked me how do you knpow where we come from. I told them that they had typical white South African accents. They were embaressed. In Britain as soon as you are born you know which class the white English person belongs to. Working class or the higher class. Actor Michael speaks working class English and Boris Johnson upper class English. The Scottish say BRUN BROOD for brown bread. Also in the USA the people living in the North speak with a differen accent than the south. Even Black Americans speak with a different accent than white Americans. I lived in England and AMERICA SO i KNOW.