Mali’s Indian Restaurant receives threats from public

#DURBAN: In an email to Indian Spice, the owner of Mali’s Indian Restaurant gave their view on the incident where patrons were asked to leave the restaurant.

The owner stated that the manager was within his rights to comment on the social media post and believes that Devin Chetty and his family are vengeful.

Their act of posting their experience on social media is seen by Mali’s as an attempt to defame their eatery.

The owner stated that he intends to consult his legal counsel on the matter and will not discipline the manager for his outburst on social media.

Read Mali’s Indian Restaurant’s response to Indian Spice here below

The family booked a table of 7 on Father’s Day and did not tell us anything about a guide dog while booking or we could of made some kind of arrangement as we normally very helpful. We are normally very strict when it comes to cleanliness as well in our restaurant.

So as they entered the manager told them we don’t allow dogs in the restaurant but we can keep the dog in front if they like as our restaurant is a small fine dining restaurant and there table was very near to kitchen side where people normally bring food and come. We were fully booked as well so no changes at the time could happen.

The Manager also told them this is the first time this has happen and he does not know any rules regarding this and he is just doing his job as he does not want to take any chances regarding hair etc and also didn’t want any accidents to happen.

The lady with the dog dialed some person’s number from Cape Town from a Non profit organization and had the guy explain to the manager that the dog should be allowed. Our manager asked if this was a government rule and the guy didn’t give a proper response.

Immediately their son, Devin started shouting and using language and went to tables and started disturbing people while they were eating. They then asked for one of the owner’s number and called him and shouted at him. Their son, Devin who was with them in the restaurant then threatened us that they will put this on Facebook and walked out them self in anger.

I have camera footage, which I really want to put of how they were behaving and I also have a video of the lady walking normally and talking to customers without the dog. So, in actual fact they just wanted to be difficult.  

Not once we told them to leave. However when the guy was using language and disturbing customers the manger did tell him that it was better that he left as we have a right of admission sign and he was behaving badly.

We have customers who can stand witness to this. So, in actual fact the manager did not specifically tell them we are not allowing them because of the dog.

All he said we can try and help by keeping the dog in the front so he is out of the way and from a cleanliness point of view as well. We did not shout at them at all and we were trying to help.

Once the comment went on Facebook people just jumped on the bandwagon and changed the whole story to something that it’s not. They made it look like we were the kind of people who choose who we take. This was just not on as it was a lie.

I understand the manger then replied in anger on Facebook, which was wrong, but after speaking to him it clearly was because of the way the guy was behaving in the restaurant. I don’t think it’s fair for me to fire the manager for something as unfair as this.

I cannot fire the manager for based on Facebook comments. Those comments were just not fair and the way some people were replying it’s was disgraceful.

This looked to me as a personal attack as the people were known people to one of the owners. We were getting private messages regarding the cars we drive. We were getting calls about how they will destroy us.

We are people who are very respectable In Society and we are very simple people. We always do the best for our customers and we are the type of people who go the extra mile to help our customers.

Most of the time the owners even help to serve etc. we are very passionate about what we do and it’s not about the money. We look after our staff and customers.

We get famous people who come to us on a regular basis and they always write about us in the papers. We climbed up and made a name very quickly as our service and standards are extremely high. If I’m not mistaken even your editor is our regular customer. They all know that we are genuine people and not rude.

I feel this family was jealous and did this just to bring us down in society. This was definitely a personal attack and nothing else. We do understand the manager replied in anger but please understand he is the manager and all we can do is advice him as he did not know such a rule existed.  He did what he felt was right and he did try to help them but they were just being difficult.

It is sad to see that the powerful tool of social media is being used as a means to destroy someone’s reputation based on incorrect information.

I am concerned about the malicious, untrue and defamatory statements that have been made by the customer. I believe in news being fair and balanced.

I point out that I am also taking legal advice on the way forward.  I trust that this is in order. If possible can you post our side of the story so people know as all that’s happening online is based on a lie made by them.

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  1. Drs Sears Appalsamy

    I thought this Restaurant was in the North African country called Mali. Mali in Zulu means money. Firstly I thought it was owned by a Black South African from KZN.