Nick Jonas’ pens ‘love letter’ for wife Priyanka Chopra

You’d probably know this is already – the Jonas Brothers i.e. Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas are back after 10 years. Happiness Begins is their first album since reuniting as adults and you’d have already seen them with their wives in the video of Sucker from the album.

But hey, that’s not all – there’s something much more amazing that’s part of the album and in the words of Nick Jonas himself, it’s a “love letter” to his wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

In a recent confession made in an editor note on Apple Music, Nick made it loud and clear that the fourth track of the album, I Believe, is dedicated to Priyanka. “And this song is a love letter to my wife. I’m so excited to play it on tour” – these were his exact words. Talk about being a true-blue romantic and Nick Jonas will certainly be on top of the list.

And if you still needed proof – really? – Nick’s brother Joe also gave his confirmation. “We listened to it a lot on [Nick’s] bachelor party. It sounds even better by the beach“.

BTW this isn’t the first time Nick has done something this romantic, especially for the whole world to see.

When he’s not gazing Priyanka with love-struck eyes on red carpets across the world, he’s busy buying her expensive gifts, just like that. Remember how he bought her a Maybach no less just because his song Sucker reached No. 1 on music charts? Yes, that’s exactly what we’re talking about.

Just give this man a bells! Nick Jonas is definitely the best husband in town.

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