This Indian woman’s wedding will give you serious goals!

‘For The Love Of Writing’

The two women, Mekhala, an Indian from Maharashtra, and Tatum, hailing from Texas, met during their college years together at a women’s liberal arts college in Virginia.

They belonged to different backgrounds; but writing brought them together, since they were in the same creative writing major.

“We leapt straight from friendship to love, a very serious love that we nurtured by transcending a seemingly constant series of obstacles – the long distance, cancer, graduate and law schools, hunts for jobs in the same country, finally moving in together, and evolving family acceptance.”

Tatum and Mekhala to Erica Camille, Their Wedding Photographer 

Their wedding photographer, Erica Camille, waited for World Pride week held recently to blog their wedding, partly because of how overwhelmed the pictures made her and because she wanted them to get the attention they deserve.

Here are some pictures of their wedding ceremony that Camille posted on her Instagram:

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