#WATCH: Neil Ramautar’s most interesting client

Image Source: Youtube

#DURBAN: Celebrity stylist and make-up artist Neil Ramautar has given thousands of make-overs bringing out that added touch of magic to his clientele.

But there’s just one person that stands out as she thinks that her make-up tips outshine Ramautar.

Enter Aunty Shamila the wife of Baboo, mother to actor, entertainer, Preven Reddy and sister to Aunty Vassi Govender-Maharaj.

Aunty Shamila is a former saree queen winner of 1979, who relies primarily on turmeric (manja), Amla oil and samples of Mac Cosmetics for her beauty regimen.

So what can Ramautar do that can make all the boys come to Aunty Shamila’s yard?

Watch as Ramautar charms Aunty Shamila while giving her the Ramautar magic!

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