Iqbal Khan: My heroin addiction story

Even a single dose of heroin can start a person on the road to addiction.

Many people experiment with heroin thinking, “I’ll try it once or twice. I can always stop.” But those who start down that road find it nearly impossible to turn back.

Iqbal Khan of London is a former heroin user and his social media post has gone viral internationally. Khan spoke of his dark days as a drug user and what it feels like to be a drug addict, his emotions and the reality of drug use is overwhelming in this post.

Share his story with your friends and family, this may save another person from this terrible addiction.

I remember before I tried heroin, I asked someone what it was like. They said, “It’s like smoking weed times 100. A nice warm/numb feeling, it’s the best feeling ever, I don’t know how to explain it really” and they were right, but now if someone were to ever ask me what it’s like, I would tell them.

It’s like spending every single penny you ever had, on drugs. It’s like going days without eating even though you were starving, but you needed heroin more. 

It’s like having to lie to every family and friend you had ever had. It’s like lighting a whole pack of cigarettes and never smoking one. It’s like waking up hating yourself from the shame and guilt. It’s like going into withdrawals every 8 hours unless you had more heroin to do. (And you usually didn’t). It’s like never attending any family event because you were too high. It’s like everyone eventually stopped inviting you to events. And even talking to you. It’s like everything was on your drug dealers’ time. If they said five hours. You’ll wait 10 or more.

It’s like being late to every single day of your life even if you started getting ready long before you were supposed to be somewhere. It’s like losing so much weight you can’t fit into any of your clothes. It’s like losing everything you’ve ever owned in your entire life. It’s like nobody believing a word you said, even if it was the truth. It’s like being a prisoner inside your own head. It’s like contemplating suicide every single day. It’s like never being scared to die, that’s what you wanted. It’s like trying to shut your brain up for even five minutes. It was worth that little time of peace. It’s like seeing your family cry for you to stop, only for you to leave and go get high. Because stopping wasn’t an option. It wasn’t possible. It’s like you’d do absolutely anything for more. And you did.

It’s like talking in circles for hours about absolutely nothing. It’s like losing days, weeks, months, years off your life and not even realizing it happened. It’s like living in places you’d never go before you did heroin with no power no running water. It’s like everyone hating you no matter where you went, because they knew you were a drug addict.

It’s like thinking everyone is out to get you and people can read your every thought. You’ll miss out on your children an they’ll be grown before you know it. You’d kill for your child and do any an everything for them yet you won’t be able to get clean for them and we actually turn out to be the ones who hurt them the most. It’s like overdosing and going to get high right after. It’s like walking into rehab 100 pounds with the clothes on your back and being scared to death. It’s like giving your entire life away. 

So if you’re ever curious like I was, please at least know the truth. Curiosity killed the cat, and it’ll kill you too”

This is for anyone who has fought or still fighting this horrible battle. My door is always open for anyone needing any advice for them or a loved one and anyone just needing someone to listen.

You can follow Iqbal’s journey on instagram here:

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