Crispy fried biryani recipe

A totally innovative way to have a vegetarian biryani that will blow you away! Try the Biryani Crispy Fried recipe by Sanjay Singh Yadav who is a corporate chef, Vapour Bar Exchange.


180g – Fresh vegetarian biryani
5g – Chopped ginger
5g – Chopped mint
10 ml – Lemon juice
1 – Green chilli
Gulb jal (few drops)
100g – Refined flour
5g – Salt
3g – Red chilli powder
50g – Garlic yogurt
200 ml – Refined oil (for frying)


* Take the vegetarian biryani and add chopped ginger, mint, green chilli, lemon juice, gulab jal and mix well. Now take a handful of biryani and make cylindrical-shaped croquettes and keep aside.

* Make a batter by mixing refined flour, salt, red chilli powder and water. Dip the croquettes in this batter and fry them until golden brown.

*Serve hot with garlic yogurt and mint chutney

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