Fraudster Sugan Deon Naicker in the dock for 7 cases

Notorious Chatsworth fraudster Sugan Deon Naicker plans to defend himself in court over his alleged fraud scams.

#DURBAN: In a case that has spanned more than 2 years with Indian Spice’s investigative unit, KALISugan Deon Naicker who has evaded the authorities for years will face the music in court soon.

At current only seven cases have been raised with the prosecutor against Naicker which amount to the value of approximately more than half a million rand.

This was revealed during the brief appearance of Sugen Naicker in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday morning. Naicker, 36, remains in police custody since his arrest in April this year. 

Naicker has successfully managed to con hundreds of individuals over more than a decade of their hard-earned savings.

The 7 counts of fraud amount to a value approximated at R594 000. 

More cases to be opened

Naicker will face courts across KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng and the Western Cape. Naicker was arrested in Margate following an operation by the Port Shepstone Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit.

It was in 2017, a joint operation by Indian Spice Investigative unit KALI and the authorities that we were able to place him behind bars. Soon after he was granted bail, Naicker vanished off the radar.

Who is: Sugan Naicker of Chatsworth, a former Westcliff Secondary student has been swindling South Africans of hundreds of thousands of rands. Victims have been left financially and emotionally devastated after being promised profitable returns on investments he would make on their behalf. Social media users have consistently shared information publicly in order to create awareness of the crimes committed by the fraudster in hopes that he would be caught finally. 

Some individuals assumed they were they only unfortunate victims who had fallen for his schemes but after Indian Spice broke news of his initial arrest, a flood of victims have come forward. 

How did Sugan Naicker manage to defraud people? 

Naicker has been purporting the idea to his victims that he works for First National Bank’s vehicle finance division Wesbank. This had drawn in people to believe that Naicker was able to bring in profitable returns on their ‘investment’ into his schemes.

Others were led to believe that they would be able to secure repossessed vehicles from as little as R30, 000. 

The conditions set out by Naicker was that funds needed to be deposited into his personal account.  Once the funds were transferred into his personal banking account, Naicker would lose contact with the victims.

Need help with your case against Sugan Deon Naicker?

Victims who have been scammed by the fraudster are required to open their cases against Sugan Deon Naicker as soon as possible and then contact IRS Forensic Investigations on 086 191 1477. This will aid IRS Forensic Investigations to work with the SAPS to include these cases in the docket at the next court appearance and to assist with recovering monies stolen by Naicker.

The matter has been adjourned to August 16.

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