WhatsApp Groups: Here’s How To Avoid Them For Good!

How many of you are fed up with constant messages on WhatsApp Groups and end up muting them for a year? Well, you’ll be glad to know that the messaging app is finally letting you get rid of the nuisance once and for all.

In fact, you get to decide which Group you want to be part of and reject others. This has become possible now, with a new option made available in the Privacy section of the app. The feature was first announced by the platform few months back but now it’s available to most users in the country.

Read here to know everything about the latest and probably the most-awaited privacy option on WhatsApp.

How to Stop Getting Added on WhatsApp Groups

  • Go to Settings of WhatsApp account
  • Click on Accounts and select on Privacy
  • Go to the end of the section and click on Groups
  • Select one of; Everyone, Friends or Nobody
  • You will get Group request only from selected option
(Photo: WhatsApp screen grab)

Admins who’re not able to add you to a Group, will be able to invite you to join privately from now on. 

(Photo: WhatsApp screen grab)

If you choose nobody then people sending you Group requests on WhatsApp will have to get your approval before making you part of any Group on the platform.

Once you reject a Group invite, WhatsApp will notify the admin about it, who can then send a private invite to join the group separately. The user will have a three-day window to accept/reject the invite before it expires.

(Photo: WhatsApp) 

WhatsApp has been adding a slew of features at regular interval and more than anything else, we’re glad to see the Group privacy option now available for the user. This way, a person can make sure he’s not getting added to random groups on the messaging platform.

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