Mika Singh Banned By Indian Film Industry for Pakistan performance

Mika Singh performs at Atlantis in Dubai. (File Photo)

India is at a diplomatic war with Pakistan, and with the recent upheaval of Section 370, it’s safe to say that the status quo between the two countries isn’t stable.

Yet despite the air of tension, Mika Singh crossed the border to perform in a Pakistani wedding. Mika’s act didn’t sit well with the All India Cine Workers’ Association (AICWA) and they’ve taken a harsh step against the artist.

Two days ago, a viral video on Twitter showed singer Mika Singh performing at a wedding. The caption revealed that it was the wedding of the daughter of a Pakistani billionaire. It further revealed, saying, “Happy that Indian singer Mika Singh performed at the mehndi of Gen Musharraf’s relative recently in Karachi.”

Soon after the video went viral, people were outraged at the immature decision taken by Mika Singh to perform at a wedding in a country that’s been engaged in spreading misinformation and terrorism in our country. Also, the timing of his performance couldn’t have been more wrong: during tension over Kashmir issue.

This act was neither appreciated by Indian public nor by the Bollywood fraternity.AICWA released a statement on Tuesday clarifying that they’ve decided to boycott Mika’s association with film and music production houses, companies and content providers. AICWA President Suresh Gupta added by saying that he will make sure that no one works with Mika Singh in India and if anyone does “he will face legal consequences in the court of law.”

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