Neha Kakkar’s mental health strain amidst nasty rumors

Rumours have been going around of her dating one of the contestants from Indian Idol, Vibhor Parashar. 

News18 quoted him saying,

“You should take it as a rumour. People have sh** mentality. If someone is helping you build your career, it is because they see some talent in you. Just because I don’t tag her as didi (sister) on Instagram, everyone starts thinking that she is my girlfriend.”

The singer revealed through her Instagram stories that this gossip about her personal life is affecting both her physical and mental health. She urged everyone to stop spreading falsehoods and respect her privacy.

When concerned messages started pouring in from fans all over the country, Neha assured everyone that these bad times too shall pass.

We wish you lots of strength through these difficult times Neha. There are more fans sending you love than those spreading hate. Hope you feel better soon.

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