Woman singing Lata Mangeshkar songs goes viral

After capturing the hearts of netizens she also received a scintillating makeover who went above and beyond for the woman.

The internet is an interesting medium that can truly work wonders and change lives. It can catapult anyone to fame in just a jiffy and also slam them down with just a click of the button.

This is certainly the case for Ranu Mondal who rose to fame when she was spotted working at the Ranaghat station in West Bengal. Ranu has been married to Bablu Mondal and lived in Mumbai. But soon after her husband died, she returned to Ranaghat in West Bengal where she made a living singing songs for daily commuters. 

Mondal was spotted singing Lata Mangeshkar’s popular 1972 track ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’ from Shor in her soulful voice. The video that was posted on a Facebook page has over 4 million times.

After capturing the hearts of netizens she also received a scintillating makeover who went above and beyond for the woman.

Check out the pics of her makeover here

Well, that was just the beginning of a sea of change for this lady. It is said that if you do a deed with good intentions, it will definitely bear fruit. And Mondal who became a social media sensation overnight has now been flooded with offers to appear in music shows and reality TV!

Krishaan Das Zubu, the owner of the FB page that shared her singing video, told NDTV that Mondal has also received multiple offers to appear on singing and talent hunt shows and this news is breaking the internet.

Ranu who looked mesmerising in her new ‘Avatar’ is ready to become a national sensation, all thanks to kind souls on the internet and people who extensively shared her video.

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