#Homophobia: Theshen Naicker looking for ‘publicity’ says alleged attacker

Durban actor and entertainer, Theshen Naicker has officially laid charges against a Durban food enthusiast over an alleged homophobic attack.

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Naicker was confronted and manhandled by the alleged attacker at a Durban hotel where a number of local actors attended an industry related event. The alleged attack occurred in the passageway of the hotel’s toilet where Naicker was allegedly verbally abused and physically assaulted. The incident is believed to be an issue that has been longstanding between the Durban foodie and Naicker.

Naicker attended the event with Mrs India SA brand ambassador Natasha Nayager witnessed her friend being pinned on a wall by the alleged attacker who was apparently intoxicated according to her version.

No video footage

It is understood that the location of the incident at the Durban hotel does not have cameras installed.

The alleged attacker said: “Facts are being distorted due to Mr. Naicker making this a publicity stunt to get public support. Currently, there is a criminal case against me. Therefore, I’ve been advised by my attorney, Faizel Kara, not to make a statement which could be self-incriminating.”

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All a publicity stunt says alleged attacker

The foodie enthusiast claims that Naicker exacerbated the incident to his benefit to garner attention. The alleged attacker is confident that the incident will be thrown out of court once the SAPS are complete with their investigation and present the matter to the prosecutor.

The food enthusiast has refused to comment further on the matter.

Social media reacts

A growing number of social media users have denounced the incident, which saw Naicker allegedly being called a ‘m*ffie’ by the alleged attacker.

Naicker has been inundated with messages of support, but also stories from other LGBTQ people who say they’ve had similar experiences. The LGBTQ community is hopeful that Naicker will take the matter to the Equality court as what transpired is considered ‘hate speech.’

Source: Facebook Group Mischief & Mayhem
Source: Facebook Group Mischief & Mayhem
Source: Facebook Group Mischief & Mayhem
Source: Facebook Group Mischief & Mayhem

Police spokesman Colonel Thembeka Mbele said they received an official complaint from the victim and were investigating, but did not provide further details.

If you have been a victim of online LGBT hate speech you can report it to the Love Not Hate campaign or report the incident anonymously via South Africa’s first LGBT hate crime reporting site.

You can also lodge a complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission or take the matter to the Equality Court.

Naicker was unavailable for comment.

Sources: Mischief & Mayhem Facebook | Sunday Tribune

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