#EnoughIsEnough says Sureshnie Rieder

With the spate of murders of South African women in the recent weeks, the country seems to be at war with crime.

A series of digital protests and public events have called on the South African government to do more to protect women of the country.

Sureshnie Rieder shares her angst at what she feels as a mother, daughter and more so as a South African.

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A few years ago I created a campaign and was supported by @lifestyle_rewards. It was called Blow the Whistle. I started it because of women like Anene Booysen. Remember her? The girl who was killed and was crawling on her knees holding onto her insides trying to get help ! That image will never leave me! I thought if only she could make a sound, IF only she caught the attention of the security guard ! IF Only IF Only IF only ….IF ONLY she were alive ! We created those whistles that we wanted every single child and woman to have around their necks so in case they found themselves in a situation they would blow on it to possibly save themselves. Today on air…I cried:( I wailed …I had so much fear and hurt following the harrowing days for Uyinene and Amy Lee. I slept with tears stinging my eyes, I woke up crying …I drove with anxiety and fear. I could barely hold myself up in studio. I am frought with worry and fear as a mum to a little girl! Don’t ever ask me if I will be having more kids. I’m too afraid ! Today I drove praying it wouldn’t be my last. Don’t think I’m being ridiculous. 1 in 4 women are raped. I’m sure the stats are worse.! At the stop street I’m Melville, my car was surrounded by 3 other female drivers….I thought that one of us won’t be home to our families tonight …and that broke me. One of us won’t be seeing their children, their family or their home. Take a look around you today. Just imagine a world without Women…. without your Wife, Your Daughter, Your Fiancé, Your Girlfriend, Your Helper, Your baby sister, your friend, Your Teacher, your Mother, your fave Aunty or Your beloved Granny. Now for that minute imagine they all today…disappear. Tell me who you are …without Them? I want to Live. I want to be Safe. I want my Daughter to Live. I want her to be Safe. Please Please Please #EnoughIsEnough Please help us

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