Akshay Kumar: Generosity knows no bounds

The Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar is one of the busiest stars in the country.

He is not just the highest taxpayer in the country but also one of the most successful actors with massive influence.

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, popularly known by his stage name Akshay Kumar, is one of the biggest actors working in Bollywood today. He has had an almost three decade long, varied and prolific career in the industry, starring in over 100 films. He made his debut with Saugandh in 1991 but his breakthrough role was 1992’s Khiladi. He established himself as an action hero, but later starred in romantic, dramatic and comedy roles.

Over the last decade, Akshay has consciously championed the cause of bringing about social change through his movies such as Gabbar Is Back, Toilet, Padman based on important social issues such as corruption, sanitation, and menstrual hygiene.

To further the causes advocated through his films, Akshay Kumar has actively used his influence through his social media and charitable works and voice his opinions.

Launched Bharat Ke Veer to raise funds for soldiers

Akshay has often portrayed the role of a soldier on the screen to highlight their efforts and sacrifices. Kumar has joined hands with the Home Ministry of India to develop a platform – Bharat Ke Veer to bridge the gap between civilians to raise funds and provide financial support to the families of martyred soldiers.

Started a Martial Arts Training School for Girls

Akshay Kumar started a Martial Arts Training School in Mumbai, which provides free self-defense training to girls. He even released a video with Taapsee Pannu promoting the cause. Over 4000 women have been trained at this school.

Established a special insurance scheme for stuntmen

The Khiladi of Bollywood is not just the master of stunts but also understands the risk involved. Thus, he helped establish a special insurance scheme to ensure the Stuntmen in the film fraternity.

Donated funds towards various causes

The Khiladi of Bollywood has time and again stepped forward and generously opened his purse to donate money and raise funds for various events in the country, such as the Chennai Floods, the Pulwama Attacks, Mumbai blasts, etc. He has also actively made a point to speak up to encourage activities to support the government initiatives and build a better society.

Built toilets

Prior to the release of his film Toilet, Akshay participated in a special activity and dug up pits in a village of Madhya Pradesh to build toilets and promote sanitation there.

Advocated against wrong-doings

If at all, one can never point at Akshay for keeping quiet about untoward events in society. Kumar has diligently used his social profiles to voice his concerns and share his opinions against any untoward happenings in society, such as eve-teasing, rape, malpractices, etc.

Now, this is proof that the Khiladi of Bollywood is indeed a real superhero who inspires us not just on screen, but also in reality too! Don’t you agree?

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