Bull swallows woman’s marital necklace

Pola is one of the most popular festivals in the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

The festival is celebrated by farmers who worship their bulls and feed them with several delicacies. One of the rituals during ‘Bail Puja’ is that members of the family collect their gold ornaments and touch it to the bull’s head to get it blessed.

Accordingly, Baburao Shinde’s wife performed the ritual at her residence in Raitey Waghapur village of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra, reports India Today. She took blessings for her gold mangalsutra worth Rs 1.5 lakh from the bull and kept it aside on a plate full of sweet gram chapatis which were to be fed to the bull later on.

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Meanwhile, there was a powercut and Baburao’s wife went inside the house to get a candle. When she returned, she found the plate full of chapatis empty with no mangalsutra in it. She looked for it nearby but couldn’t find her ornament. She immediately called Baburao and he looked for the mangalsutra in the bull’s mouth but all in vain!

Assuming the animal had gobbled it up, Baburao and his wife searched for the lost ornament in the bull’s dung for 8 days. But later on, they decided to take the bull to a vet. After having the necessary tests done, the vet, Dr. Nene operated on the bull and found the mangalsutra stuck in his reticulum. The bull is now recovering and has been advised rest for two months.

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While animals often swallowing papers and relish human food, this story is truly bizarre! What’s your take on the entire incident?

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