#SUPERWOMAN: A Little Late With Lilly Singh bring ‘fresh perspective’

Lilly Singh’s late-night talk show A Little Late With Lilly Singh premiered on Monday night and with the first episode, Lilly made sure it was unlike any of the shows that the American late-night audience had seen before. Lilly opened her show with a sketch where she is in a meeting with a group of white men who know the cookie-cutter way to make late-night talk shows. Lilly breaks into a rap and makes her strong first impression.

Lilly shares that her show’s writers room is basically like UN because the room is as diverse as it ought to be. “My writers’ room look like a mini-United Nations, more than 50 percent women and people of all races, and that’s not because I had to, it’s because I could, this the new standard so take note Hollywood,” she raps.

As she starts her first monologue, Lilly Singh remarks that she is much more than a ‘bisexual woman of colour’ and this is what the show is all about. She goes ahead with her point of view and it isn’t lost on her that this show is a milestone on television as she becomes the first woman on network television to host a late-night show in over 30 years. Lilly started her career as YouTube content creator ‘Superwoman’ and this gives her an edge as she already knows how to connect with her audience.

Rainn Wilson of The Office makes an appearance in the first few minutes and is followed by the first guest on the show Mindy Kaling. Lilly credits Mindy for being the inspiration who has paved the way for many women of colour. With Rainn and Mindy both appearing on the show, we can definitely hope for a mini-reunion of The Office.

In his review of the first episode of A Little Late With Lilly Singh, Deadline’s Dino-Ray Ramos noted, “Taking over Last Call With Carson Daly, Lilly Singh not only brings her massive Superwoman audience from her YouTube following but also a fresh perspective that has been absent from the late-night space — and she immediately makes that apparent in her opening sketch.”

“Singh comes in hot for her very first episode in the best way possible with jokes, light-hearted fun and authenticity. Being a trailblazing YouTube icon works in Singh’s favor as she knows how to produce great bursts of content and connect with the audience in a short amount of time. A Little Late is thoughtful and crackles with millennial-driven energy without dousing you in emojis. And even though Singh doesn’t aim to be political, her presence alone is hopefully changing the way we think of representation on TV,” Ramos concluded.

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