Theshen Naicker Assault Case Goes To Court

Theshen Naicker currently has other cases pending against Durban food lover Omar at the Equality court and a complaint lodged with the South African Human Rights Council (SAHRC).

NEWS: Actor, entertainer & professional make-up artist Theshen Naicker will face his alleged attacker in court on Friday, September 20th. For the latest news on the Imran Omar vs Theshen Naicker click here

Naicker was confronted and manhandled by an alleged attacker during an event at a Durban hotel. The attack allegedly occurred in the passageway of the hotelโ€™s toilet facility where Naicker was allegedly verbally abused and physically assaulted. The incident went viral soon after reports emerged in newspapers across Durban where a popular foodie enthusiast allegedly pinned Naicker on a wall and threatened him with violence.

Naicker attended the event with Mrs India SA brand ambassador Natasha Nayager witnessed her friend being pinned on a wall by the alleged attacker who was apparently intoxicated according to her version of events.

According to Naicker, his legal representatives will be presenting this matter on Friday,

Naicker remains steadfast in his resolve to justice being served. It is understood that applications to the Equality Court have been made to take the matter further in light of the hate speech that was allegedly used on him.

The case will be heard in court this Friday following investigations by police authorities over the matter. The alleged attacker did not respond to queries by Indian Spice.

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