Verulam inspired movie Kings of Mulberry Street heads to Europe & American film festivals

Kings of Mulberry Street has been selected to feature at the Oscar-qualifying St Louis Film Fest and will head to Germany for their European premiere.

#SOUTHAFRICA: The hit-family movie, Kings of Mulberry Street, a South African Indian inspired movie heads Europe and the USA this year!

Written and directed by Judy Naidoo, the film is set in the fictionalised Sugarhill District – inspired by the KwaZulu-Natal towns of Verulam and Tongaat. Naidoo, who grew up in Verulam, holds the film particularly close to her heart.

The film festival routes for Kings of Mulberry Street

The first stop for director Jude Naidoo’s movie will be the 24th Schlingel International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience in Chemnitz, Germany, to be held from 7 to 13 October. This will be the film’s European premiere.

The following month, Kings of Mulberry Street will premiere at prestigious Oscar-qualifying St. Louis Film Festival which is in it’s 27th year running this November 2019.

“Internationale Film Festival Schlingel is one of the most credible festivals in its category and I am super excited to have been invited to attend and to screen our film in Germany,” said Naidoo. “The festival handpicks world cinema made for young audiences and we are extremely proud of the cast and crew of ‘Kings of Mulberry Street’. Attending the festival will also give me the opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas about cinema with global industry leaders.”

Kings of Mulberry Street
Ticky and Baboo up to their nonsense in Kings of Mulberry Street

The cast of the movie is made up of Aaqil Hoosen, Shaan Nathoo, Neville Pillay, Rizelle Januk, Thiru Naidoo, Amith Singh, Kogie Naidoo, Keshan Chetty, Hamish Kyd, Kimberly Arthur, Chris Forrest

Set in the early-80s, the heart-warming feature film Kings of Mulberry Street follows the adventures of Ticky and Baboo, two nine-year-old misfits who take on the town bully, Raja.

Feisty Ticky Chetty is a skinny kid who enjoys the outdoors, is creative and energetic, and has tons of street smarts. He lives in a Bollywood dream world, where he’s an unbeatable action hero, and rooftops are his kingdom. He’s looking for a partner in crime and sees a trainee in Baboo—chubby, bookish Baboo is equally imaginative and spirited!

A delightful and hilarious adventure, with universal themes that will appeal to the whole family, the film pays tribute to classic 80s Indian cinema and their heroes. Visually colourful and vibrant, it’s also touching and heart-warming.

The film brings together the vibrancy of the Indian community in the 80s as well as Bollywood cinema and songs from that era, in a tale that peers into the past through the prism of the present.

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The film opened in South Africa on 28 June and is distributed by Indigenous Film Distribution.

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