Reactions: Netizens Call For Protest Against Imran Omar

Reactions: Netizens Call For Protest Against Imran Omar

DURBAN: As the proverb goes, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen the saying shares a universal truth. In the case of Imran Omar it certainly is getting hot and ‘thitha’ in the Appetite kitchen. Even Gordon Ramsay would skip a visit! For the latest news on the Imran Omar vs Theshen Naicker click here

Social media users are accustomed to watching Aunty Sheila appear in that very same position that Theshen Naicker occupied on Friday in a viral video. Yesterday was different as Theshen Naicker, for the first time sat down as himself to talk about the alleged attack. As with any of Naicker’s viral videos, he captures the attention of his audience with his personality and charm whether he is himself or his alter-ego, Aunty Sheila. There was no shrilly ‘Vanakkam darlings, Aunty Sheila here!‘ to welcome fans to another episode of ‘Lets Talk With Aunty Sheila’ on Friday.

Naicker posted this video to talk about a series of issues apart from the alleged attack. It was noticeable that Naicker struggled to keep his composure, he looked terrified as he spoke of the incident. But the show must go on in this case, Naicker in his tell-all video gave viewers his version of events of the attack.

Who exactly is Imran Omar of the Appetite group?

Imran Omar is the admin of a Facebook Group titled ‘Appetite‘ which is home to approximately 250 thousand Facebook users.

The Facebook group is a community of users who engage and dialogue over food posts BUT where there are user generated content, this is moderated. The admins of the group, Omar and his wife, Kelly Jade moderate content where users promote brands and/or their own products.

Imran Omar and the Appetite Group which Indian Spice is blocked from viewing along with 15 thousand other users. Go figure!
Imran Omar and the Appetite Group which Indian Spice is blocked from viewing along with 15 thousand other users. Go figure!

Have a look at this

In some instances users have been banned from the group for violating that sacred rule.

According to Omar, he has approximately 15 thousand users banned from the page. It is no surprise to find that Indian Spice has been banned from viewing the group as well since we started reporting on Omar vs Naicker.

Theshen Naicker video goes viral instantly

Since Naicker’s video went viral on Facebook & Instagram, social media users found it hard to believe that Theshen Naicker was lying about his experience. What does Naicker gain out lying about something as serious as this?

The video post has been shared thousands of times, with messages of support and comments from across the globe.

Here’s what is being said on social media?

Some of the brands associated with Imran Omar’s Appetite facebook group have declined to comment at current. Some businesses are considering to protect their business interests whilst others are undecided on their future with Appetite.

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