Crown The Brown Reveals Her Facebook Page Has Been Hacked

#CAPETOWN: Karusha Pather, the social media influencer who is better known as Crown The Brown revealed on Monday that her social media account on Facebook was hacked.

Pather made the announcement on the Facebook page Crown The Brown, warning the public to avoid entertaining any message from her hacked pages.

Pather explains,

The hackers managed to remove me off as admin thus taking control my page that interacts with over 60K users. My biggest concern is that they will now publish content while I work with Facebook to regain access to my page.

How did this happen?

Facebook’s attempt at ensuring safety of their users is always under scrutiny and this is another example of their limitations to prevent situations like this.

A Facebook page link was sent via the Page inbox which seemed like a legitimate admin link was the root of the issue. The hackers managed to funnel a digital worm into Pather’s popular social media page, Crown The Brown giving them complete access to the page.

The hackers subsequently removed all admins off the page and those that are left are demoted to Analysts of the page.

How can you help Crown The Brown to get her Facebook Page back?

How do I report a stolen Facebook page?

  1. Go to the impersonating Page.
  2. Click from the top right and select Give feedback or report this Page.
  3. Select Scams and Fake Pages.
  4. Select the option that best describes the impersonating Page.
  5. Click Send.

See here how to report the Facebook page as stolen

Visit the page here and report it now
Visit the page here and report it now
Visit the page here and report it now

The more users we have reporting the page can assist in stopping these hackers from causing harm and damage.

Visit the page here and report it now

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