#PHOTOS: Meet Cozette & Boudreaux, The French Bulldogs Who Posed For Their Own Maternity Photoshoot

Be it a celebration or a vacation, it is not uncommon for a lot of us to click pictures for the ‘gram. But when it comes to photos, do you know who is more photogenic than us hoomans?

Doggos, of course! Case in point Wiley, the Dalmatian with a heart-shaped nose and Jiffpom, the Pomeranian with 30 million followers on social media.

Crystal Canion is a pet parent from El Campo, Texas. When her French Bulldogs Cozette & Boudreaux bred together, she decided to get a canine maternity photoshoot done for them. She roped in photographer Cristal Malek and the results are absolutely paw-some!

How beautiful is the mommy-to-be Cozette in a tutu? The Indian Express quoted the photographer saying, “Cozette loves to get dressed up and be fancy. She was just ecstatic. She loved all the different looks.”

Their hooman further added, “The second the camera came out, Boudreaux posed the entire time. He poses for all of his pictures, even when I take them at home.”

We can’t stop gushing over this couple but we will so that we share the good news. Cozette and Boudreaux now have a litter of pups – three girls! And the adorable little fluffballs got their own baby photoshoot from the same photographer!

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