#FLASHSALE: Indian Spice Advertising Special Offer

Diwali and year-end events are some of the biggest festivals in the Indian calendar that brings several opportunities for big and small businesses to cash in on the season.

Festivities and time-honored traditions are the heart of Indian culture and Diwali is one of the largest consumer activities. New clothes, gifts, and home makeovers are a staple of Diwali. It is a time when purses are wide open and generosity in gifting as well as when personal spending peaks.

We have the audience you are looking to advertise your products and business offerings to. Reaching over 6 million users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and 7,500+ whatsapp users should consider our advertising offer today!

Generally, clothing, jewellery, consumer durables and food are key consumer interest during this period.

Restaurants cash in on Diwali 

During any special period including Diwali, restaurant owners go out of their way to fill up their venues. Most restaurants serve special festive food, but how will yours stand out?

Home industries

Food unites everyone and this is the period when you home-industries can benefit from promoting your products with Indian Spice, we have a special rate that’s affordable and for a limited period.

Special advertising offer

Rates are valid for advertising from October 2019 to January 2020.

  • Home industry business cost: R1,500 ZAR.
  • Commercial business cost: R7,500 ZAR
  • NPO bodies cost: at R3, 500 ZAR

To enquire on this special advertising offer contact Derek on derek@indianspice.co.za or drop us a whatsapp by visiting this link

As with our marketing push the ads will be shared on all social media platforms and our whatsapp service that reaches approximately 7500 whatsapp subscribers. Our social media stats attached for the last 28 days. 

Our viral video packages are also available on request.

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