WATCH: Husband thrashed by ex-wives for planning third marriage

It is said that ‘Marriages are made in heaven’. But nobody tells you precisely how many ‘heavenly wedlocks’ you’ll have in a single lifetime! For some, marriage is a sacred bond but for some others, it’s merely a business.

Remember Sonam Kapoor’s character in Dolly Ki Doli where she marries a man, loots all his wealth and runs away?

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In a similar case, a man from Tamil Nadu, S Arangan, alias Dinesh, married a woman named Priyadarshini in 2016. After the wedding, Dinesh allegedly started harassing his wife and was also physically abusive. So, she decided to leave her husband and moved back to her parents’ place in Tirupur district, reports TOI.

Later on, Dinesh found another woman, Anupriya who was a divorcee and had a two-year-old son. Keeping his first marriage a secret, he tied the knot with Anupriya in April 2019. Soon after the wedding, Dinesh reportedly began harassing her and demanded dowry from her parents. Unable to bear the torture by her husband, just like his first wife Anupriya too left him and returned to her parents’ home.

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Dinesh once again started looking for a woman to tie the knot with on a matrimonial website. When his first two wives, Priyadarshini and Anupriya came to know about this, stormed to the company where Dinesh worked and demanded to meet him. The company authorities did not allow them to meet him so they sat at the gate with their relatives, waiting for Dinesh to come out.

As soon as Dinesh stepped outside his office, both his ex-wives brutally thrashed him, beating him up with sandals in public. The video of the incident is going viral on social media. Police are currently investigating the matter.

This looks like a scene straight outta a Bollywood movie! What are your thoughts on the incident?

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