#WATCH: Celebrating Shades Of Indian Skin fighting Skin Tone Bias

You only have to switch on the television to get a sense of how deep-rooted colourism is in India and in places like South Africa for Indians there.

Advertisements regularly peddle skincare and makeup products that can make you ‘fair’, and thereby successful in all aspects of life! Desi parents stop children from being in the sun too long, not because of the harmful UV rays but because they might get tanned!

To put an end to this fairness obsession, actor and director Nandita Das started the “Dark is Beautiful” campaign through her NGO “Woman of Worth” 10 years ago.

After a decade, on its anniversary, she’s released a music video named “India’s got Colour”.

Sung by rappers MC Josh, Huma Sayyed and Amogh Baini, the 2-minute clip features music by Ankur Tewari. It tackles the issue of skin colour discrimination by showcasing the different forms it takes – like brightening a model’s skin tone using Photoshop and the preference for fair brides.

It urges everyone to rise above such bias and celebrate the different shades of desi skin. Check it out.

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