Logie Naidoo apologizes BUT blames Indian Spice for controversy

Logie Naidoo apologizes BUT blames Indian Spice for controversy

#DURBAN: Logie Naidoo has released a statement following a video being leaked where religious references were thrown together with a series of expletives.

In a letter that is addressed to the The President and members of the South African Tamil Federation, Naidoo goes on to explain his conduct in the video. He also points out he was never advised that the video would be released on social media by Dala-U-Crew.

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Was it leaked by mistake or was it deliberately dropped for sensationalism?

We are yet to receive a response from Dala-U-Crew whom we have approached twice for comment.

Naidoo goes on to claim that Indian Spice edited the video which is clearly a blame tactic. Responding to the allegation, Naufal Khan, Publisher and Editor of Indian Spice stated,

The video posted on our social media streams of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is the original video. We are not the ones in front of the camera trivializing religious references in the same breath as porn videos. If there is anyone to blame for the PR nightmare that Logie Naidoo is experiencing, it is Dala-U-Crew that must account for this not Indian Spice.

Read Logie Naidoo’s public statement below

Disclosure: We edited the terrible spelling in this release prior to publishing.

Dears Sirs/Members

Promo Video – Steers Mt Edgecombe


On Monday 30 September I was doing a promo video with Masood Boomgard and D.U.C. The video is being edited and will be released soon as a commercial on Steers Mt Edgecombe. Whilst at the store I was interviewed by DUC on the sidelines, on a lighted hearted basis, never being told that it was for public consumption. All the while I thought it was for their internal use.

This video clip was used by Naufal Khan of Indian Spice who re-edited it and posted it to stir up controversy.

You will find that theres no connection between the headline ,Beef or comedy and the interview. I’m a staunch Hindu who does not eat beef or pork and I observe the full months fast during Pratassi. I was indicating in the interview that I will observe the fast notwithstanding the work I do.

In fact, when the video comes out, you will notice that I’m eating a veggie burger. I will remain true to my faith and hope that inspires others in particular our youth.

I have noticed that some have come out in support of me whilst others have been offended. I respect all views and publicly apologise for any insensitive comments made, and retract all statements that were offensive. I wish to reiterate that I did not intend to disparage my religion or any religious observance.

I was not made aware that this interview would be public. I have served the South African community for over 40 years and will continue to do so into the future.

Thanking you in anticipation of your understanding.

Yours faithfully, Logie Naidoo




  1. “I was not made aware that this interview would be public.” This is a blatant lie because Logie shared the video on his facebook timeline (now deleted) prior to the IndianSpice coverage.

  2. People need to just calm down.
    They will laugh, react and share much worse things, but choose to take a something said clearly in jest, scrutinize it and make it an issue. Seriously. Calm down.

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