Rangoli Chandel recalls her Acid Attack and how sister Kangana was ‘Almost Beaten To Death’

Rangoli Chandel revealed the dark story behind the image of her disfigured face from a brutal acid attack and the many surgeries that followed.

A while ago, a 14-year-old school student became the victim of a brutal acid attack. The perpetrators were two of her male classmates. The teen who lost her will to live was comforted by actors Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan. It was a sweet gesture indeed but it also brought home the fact that sadly, such incidents are not really scarce.

Which is why, as a society, we need to have this discourse so that victims are given the help they need. It would also help in changing the mentality of people at large and prevent such crimes in the future. And who better to start the conversation than a first-person account from a survivor herself.

Recently, Rangoli Chandel shared a throwback image of herself from when she was studying in Uttaranchal College of Science & Technology. Subsequently, she revealed the dark story behind the image – her brutal acid attack and the many surgeries that followed.

As for the man who committed the crime, she revealed that he managed to secure bail even as she was in and out of surgeries. Her sister Kangana made her realize that she needs to stop thinking about him as it was harming her recovery process. So she stopped following the case and focused on getting better instead.

Rangoli also opened up about how her friend (now husband) supported her through her ordeal by staying by her side.

When asked about the current whereabouts of the culprit, Rangoli said that her only priority now is her husband and her son. She believes that our fight is with mindsets and not particular individuals.

People commended her for speaking up about the horrific incident and also sent her best wishes for the future.

We hope that upcoming movies like Chhapaak will also help in bringing about a much-needed change in society.


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