Royal glory of Mysore Dasara continues to enthral

Every year, tourists visit Mysuru just to experience the grand Dasara festival celebrations. To experience the same, photographer Prashanth Vishwanathan visited the festival and captured its beauty on an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Take a look at the pictures here.

Mysore Dasara is Karnataka’s ‘nada habba’ or the state festival. (Source: Prashanth Vishwanathan)
Dance groups and music bands take part in the procession. (Source: Prashanth Vishwanathan)
The cultural tradition of the festival is more than 400 years old. (Source: Prashanth Vishwanathan)
An artiste performs during the festival. (Source: Prashanth Vishwanathan)
The flower show in Mysore is extremely popular. (Source: Prashanth Vishwanathan)
One of the major highlights of Mysore Dasara are the city lights. (Source: Prashanth Vishwanathan)
“Among the things I could explore were the floats representing each district of Karnataka being prepared by artisans, the night view of Mysore city from the Chamundi hill, to walking around a rain washed out flower show,” says Prashanth Vishwanathan about his experience. (Source: Prashanth Vishwanathan)
Floats representing each district of Karnataka are showcased as part of the annual celebrations. (Source: Prashanth Vishwanathan)

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