Bhumi Pednekar’s brownface in ‘Bala’ has netizens angry

The movie buff inside us is so happy that Bollywood is no longer solely focusing on the ‘boy meets girl’ trope in films. Instead, it is showcasing fresh and hitherto uncommon themes like same-sex relationships, space missions, and male pattern baldness.

However, the industry still has a long way to go when it comes to eliminating discrimination on the basis of skin tone. There are songs that glorify ‘gori (fair) skin’ and dusky actors are under-represented.

Recently, the trailer of Ayushmann Khurrana starrer ‘Bala’ was released showcasing the trials and tribulations of a man grappling with a receding hairline. While the snippet brought to the fore a topic that needs discourse in a light-hearted manner, it also invited anger over Bhumi Pednekar’s brownface.

The trailer shows the actress’ complexion visibly darkened with the help of makeup. People were not impressed by this detail and raised the pertinent question – Why not cast a dusky actor for this role?

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Desi Twitter opined that this sends across the wrong message in a country that already has a lot of stigma around dark complexion.

To counteract colourism in India, Nandita Das released a music video named “India’s got Colour” that urges everyone to rise above such bias and celebrate the different shades of desi skin.

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