India’s 1st Transgender pilot training funded by Kerala Govt. after family disowned him

While some parents of children from the LGBTQ community offer their offspring their unconditional support and acceptance, a few others fail to understand them.

#INDIA: The government and several NGOs are taking their best foot forward to spread awareness and acceptance for the LGBTQ community; however, some families remain reluctant and still ostracize trans kids.

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20-year-old Adam Harry faced a similar fate when he was disowned by his family for being a transman. Harry, who hails from Thrissur, Kerala possesses a private pilot license and aspires to become a commercial pilot. But as he has no financial support from his family, the social justice department of the Kerala government has come forward to help him.

It has sanctioned Rs 23.34 lakh to help Adam pursue a three-year course at the Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Technology in Thiruvananthapuram. With this, Harry will become the first-ever transgender commercial pilot of the country.

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Overwhelmed with the government’s initiative, Adam Harry told CNBC that he had had a frail hope of receiving the funding to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an airline pilot despite a number of obstacles he had faced in his personal life. “I am grateful to the Kerala government for this help,” he said.

According to the aviation regulator, DGCA’s (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) rule, candidates who wish to apply for the commercial pilot license must first present evidence of having not less than two hundred hours of flight as a private pilot. Adam received his private plane license in 2017 and is currently completing his training in Johannesburg reports News 18.

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Kerala government has set a fine example for the nation by taking an initiative to help Harry. We hope he continues to soar high and achieves all his ambitions!

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