Diwali Recipes with Asha Maharaj

Celebrity chef Asha Maharaj shares her recipes watch as Asha Maharaj crafts her special Diwali sweetmeats that you can make at home! Image Source: IOL

South African celebrity chef Asha Maharaj shares her secret recipes, watch as she crafts her special Diwali sweetmeats at Durban’s Good Food & Wine Show.

Desserts are the highlight of every Indian festival. They add much more enthusiasm to the festive spirit. With a series of festivals around the corner, festivities have finally stepped in. Just like the multicoloured rangolis that adorn the entrances of our homes, there is nothing quite like a dessert table decked with a variety of sweets.

This festival season, light up your homes with our festive recipes. Ditch the elaborate presentation and fancy ingredients, here are super-easy solutions to soothe your aching sweet tooth.

Asha Maharaj Diwali Recipes
Asha Maharaj is a South African celebrity chef. | Image Source: IOL

Why not try preparing Roht? A sweet fried dish found at religious affairs or even just as a snack with a cup of coffee or tea, recipes by Asha Maharaj and Chef Matthew. We have TWO optional versions of Roht for you to choose from WITH the first recipe from Guyana with Matthew Allicock. You can also show some love and subscribe to his Youtube here. The other popular recipe comes from South African Indian chef, Asha Maharaj.

Most of these can be prepared in advance for those unannounced guests and untimely cravings. Everyday ingredients and a couple of minutes are all you need to spread bright smiles and sparkle with satisfaction. We bring you, the simplest sweets from across the country. There’s something for everyone!

Festive Diwali Recipes

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