Lady Gaga’s Sanskrit tweet has everyone guessing

Talented singer, eccentric fashionista and Oscar-winner. Lady Gaga has been called many things but ‘predictable’ is definitely not one of the adjectives used to describe her. The singer has given us hit songs like Poker Face, Bad Romance, Alejandro and showed us that a bit of drama on the pink carpet (Met Gala 2019) can be so much fun!

The star who has an Academy Award (for Best Original Song – Shallow) and a makeup line (Haus Laboratories) under her belt, is still remembered for her moving performance with co-star Bradley Cooper at the Oscars.

Be it her music, fashion choices or post-concert ice baths, she always keeps her fans guessing. Which is also evident from her recent cryptic tweet in Sanskrit!

The viral post which now has 31,000 retweets and 118,000 likes is part of a Sanskrit shloka that translates to “May the entire universe be filled with peace, joy, love, and light.”

And fans are busy wondering why she chose to post this particular line – is it her new tattoo, upcoming album or simply a message of happiness?

While it is still unclear why she posted this tweet, it sure has garnered a lot of attention for the oldest language in the world – Sanskrit.

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