Demonic artwork at top KZN school shocks South Africa

#SATANISM: Watch as father expresses shock over shocking demonic art exhibit

Watch as a father expresses his disgust at Grantleigh’s school art exhibit.

The artwork crafted by a student was the recipient of various awards for his work which has left South Africa stunned. The students’ art exhibit at the Christian-ethos based school featured artwork depicting Jesus as the McDonalds clown, Ronald.

Other pieces depict the fallen angel of Lucifer (Satan) in various poses including an art piece with Jesus’s chest cracked open with his internal organs falling out.

Other pieces include Satan-inspired created with pages from the Holy Bible.

A parent from the Richards Bay school, Grantleigh had shot this video expressing his disgust at the art exhibit.

Watch as he explains what he has gone through looking at the shocking art exhibit.

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In the walls of an exclusive Christian school, the influences of evil lurk beneath the surface. Parents in #RichardsBay have reacted with outrage, following the display of some #matric students‘ artwork which has been accused of “invoking #satanism”. . A concerned parent who came across the exhibition was left mortified. He filmed what was on display, while commenting on some of the anti-religious sentiment expressed by the pupils. A number of drawings depict #Jesus as a clown – particularly #RonaldMcDonald – but that’s the pre-watershed version of it all. . Some of the works go to dark, twisted places. In one frame, the torso of Jesus is cut open, exposing his inner organs. Sketches of the #GrimReaper, piles of skulls and images of the devil all complete the nightmare-inducing pieces. . Parents and local community figures have raised their complaints with the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, #Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL). . To be featured on #indianSpice tag us #spiceofi . Are you following us on #Instagram & #Twitter? Find us as #spiceofi #CrownTheBrown #news that matters to #SouthAfrica visit

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Politicians called in to debate “satanic” submissions

It would also seem the have the backing of Dr Imran Keeka. The DA’s KZN Spokesperson on Education has called upon opposite number -KZN’s Education MEC Khwazi Mshengu – to investigate the matter further. Keeka conceded that the art is protected by the Bill of Rights, but remains unconvinced the the sketches are appropriate for display.

“While the DA’s oversight of Independent Schools is limited in terms of legislation, there can be no denying that the images within the clip are deeply disturbing. Equally alarming is that they are within the walls of a school with a strong Christian ethos. The CRL is well placed to opine in this matter.”

“There is, however the South African Bill of Rights, which must be respected. Notwithstanding, it must also be remembered that the freedom of expression, which is an inalienable right in the same Bill, is not without limitations and responsibilities related to such freedoms.”

Dr Imran Keeka

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  1. It is disgracefull. I can’t even look at it, makes me sick. May God bless them, because they don’t know what they do. 🙌🙏

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