Ayodhya World Record As 600,000 Diyas Light Up Diwali

#INDIA: Ayodhya witnessed vibrant and extravagant Diwali alias ‘Deepotsav’ celebrations on Saturday, 26 October.

A new world record was made, over six lakh people lit up earthen lamps as part of the celebrations on the Saryu river bank on Diwali eve.

Uttar Pradesh government’s Information Director Shishir said, “Last year’s record was of three lakh one thousand one hundred eighty six diyas at the ghat. This time, it was four lakh ten thousand diyas lit at the ghat. This was announced by Guinness World Records representative, and is a new record. Apart from this, more than two lakh diyas were lit elsewhere than the ghat. In all, more than 6 lakh diyas were lit.”

Take a look:

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