Diwali threat over Facebook Messenger

#DURBAN: An upset mother shared her frustration of Diwali fireworks that affected her child and pets in Durban over the weekend.

The mother then contacted social media user, Samantha Govender via Facebook Messenger after the incident occurred. In her message she vented her frustration over fireworks that caused her family alleged trauma.

The clearly irritated mother in her message stated,

Samantha, you see you, the same woman throwing threats around on Facebook for people to see! You’ll were busy busting crackers right by child’s bedroom window last night when he was sleeping! Apart from that, we have dogs in the yard, which you got no respect for. This type of sh*t behavior you throwing around, we don’t tolerate. I stay at X XXX Place. Please come over. I will wait for you! I want to see exactly what you are going to do! Come try me!

Message from social media user


Reddy had attempted to contact the mother to discuss the issue however she was blocked soon after receiving the message.

Source: Facebook

The social media user speaking to Indian Spice responded that Govenders family were celebrating Diwali with loud fireworks being set off next door to them. This had caused trauma to her child and pets and she was open to confronting Govender over the matter. She went on to state that her message to Reddy was not one intending to cause violence or harm.

The mother has since apologized for her message claiming that it was not meant for Samantha Govender.

Govender responded that their celebration of Diwali was within the given time restrictions and she isn’t fazed by the message. She (Govender) takes any threat seriously and will be considering her options as this constituted harassment.


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  1. I think Diwali should be celebrated using fireworks that has minimal sound. Loud bangs are not good for the ear drums. An ENT specialist should advise on this matter. Also the unhealthy fumes the fireworks create is not good for the lungs, it is toxic and also causes environmental hazards. Our government should put control measures in place with regards to importing of loud bang fireworks.

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