#PODCAST: Expert shares viewpoint on Diwali racist rant

#NEWSBREAKLOTUSFM: Doctor Raj Govender, social anthropologist and cultural researcher, says people need to learn to settle their differences in a more healthier way.

He commented on the matter where a Diwali celebration went sour after harassment from a resident at a complex estate over the weekend. The incident occurred not far from the home of South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The planned cultural event was attended by Indian nationals, diplomats and foreigners. The man’s insults lasted for about 25 minutes. Advocate Ajay Sooklal who was part of planning the event said – he was almost assaulted. He says events like this are supposed to bring about unity and diversity – but instead, they were disgraced and embarrassed by the man.

Listen to the podcast here:

A case of violence and disruption has been opened at the Sunnyside Police Station in Pretoria following the incident.


Story by: Newsbreak Producer Magashini Mottian & Shanell Daniel 

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