Sona Mohapatra says Neha Kakkar is spineless while Sonu Nigam remains chauvinistic

#METOO: A year back, Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra along with Shweta Pandit accused music composer Anu Malik of molestation in several interviews.

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Malik who was then seen as a judge in the tenth season of the singing reality show Indian Idol was removed from the position. The makers, however, did not disclose the reason behind Malik’s exit, reports were rife that #MeToo allegations against him played a pivotal part in the entire scene.

Cut to 2019, Indian Idol is back with its eleventh season and the same jury which includes Neha Kakkar, Vishal Dadlani, and Anu Malik. Malik’s reinstatement on the show did not go down well with Sona Mohapatra, who had accused Malik of sexual misconduct in her past interviews.

In a series of tweets, Sona shared the snippets of her past interviews and slammed the makers of the show for bringing back a #MeToo accused.

“It takes only a Nirbhaya level tragedy for #India to wake up? A few days after these, I was asked to leave my judge seat. My co-judge told me,the publicity I provided to Anu Malik took up the trps of our ‘rival’ show. (?!) A year later,a sexual predator is back on the same seat,” she wrote.

Another Twitter user came forward to share what happened when she tried to raise her voice against the decision of the makers of bringing back Malik on the show. “Whenever I waged war against #IndianIdol11 people said but where is the proof?? Every girl should try to collect proof while getting molested as per these morons. And how could the other 2 judges are doing the show is beyond my understanding? Money is everything after all.”

Sona also slammed Vishal Dadlani for sharing the screen space with Malik.

“I did call up @VishalDadlani when I first heard about Anu Malik being reinstated as a judge alongside him. He said a bunch of things (to mostly feel good about himself) & then asked not to be ‘quoted’. (?!) I don’t have to quote anything you said, none of it made any sense anyway,” she wrote.

Sonu Nigam wasn’t spared in her note as well…

Sonu Nigam championed the cause of Anu Malik publicly, in media & his right to be earning millions while saying he’s his ‘mothers son’, ‘has sisters he cares for’ etc to justify his understanding of IndiaMeToo. He called Ram Sampath to ‘keep me in check’ & express ‘brotherhood’ while calling me a ‘terrorist’, ‘a wife vomiting’ in the media, a crazy woman wanting to take away men’s jobs. Must be happy now?

Sona Mohapatra is clearly disappointed with Anu Malik being reinstated as a judge on the show.

Neha Kakkar may have felt the worst burn with this being said about her.

The lesser said of the likes of Aditya Narayan & Neha Kakkar, have never had a spine or stand, so let them slither around, crying & grinning, making money.

Sona Mohapatra

What’s your take on this? Innocent until proven guilty or must #MeToo accused be blackballed? Tell us.

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