Mother Kali Halloween costume flares tempers

DJ Carly O as Mother Kali

#SOUTHAFRICA: Halloween is pretty much a newish addition to South Africans but the spooky celebration is growing annually. Now, South African DJ Carly O has come under fire after she posted her Halloween costume on Instagram.

This year, the self-confessed vegetarian DJ & follower of the goddess opted to flaunt her costume for Halloween which was of the Hindu Goddess Kali. This however did not go down well with some devotees of the Hindu goddess.


DJ Carly O / Instagram
DJ Carly O / Instagram

In her post on Instagram she commented,

Kali O – I needed something to draw strength from after the past few days, my favorite goddess #protector #destroyer #goddess #mother #strength #womenpower #tribute @djleewhy

Some Hindus were in awe and appreciated the costume however some lashed out feeling insulted over DJ Carly O’s representation of the Hindu goddess, Kali.

The DJ hit back at her detractors on Instagram after she read the slew of comments from Hindus who found her art offensive.

Take your hatred, your narrow mindedness and your aggression off my art!!!

DJ Carly O, Instagram

It was a comment from The South African Desi that flared up a response from DJ Carly over the post,


DJ Carly O defended her artistic representation of the Hindu goddess Kali replying,

@thesouthafricandesi sorry she’s my Goddess too. I drew a lot of strength from this look. In fact about 4 different Hindu people assisted me and made it possible to get the referencing 100 percent. Don’t throw hate where there is only admiration and respect. Try better.

In a second Instagram post, DJ Carly O took aim at social media influencer, The South African Desi for her comments.

My belief, my right, my art, my form of tribute. You do not get to comment on what who and how I admire and appreciate something or what I choose to admire and appreciate. Take your hatred, your narrow mindedness and your aggression off my art!!! @southafricandesi

DJ Carly O

In the latest Instagram post by the DJ, she went on to shut down trolls for their behavior over her choice to adorn herself as the Goddess Kali.

In her accompanying post of pictures of her Kali photoshoot she wrote,

Today I learnt a big lesson – People are judgmental and disgraceful. I have been accused repeatedly in my inbox of eating meat. This is how little the people attacking me know of me, they have accused me of eating meat while dressed as Kali. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a vegetarian. Please stop embarrassing yourselves. I have also been accused of going to a party and consuming alcohol while dressed as Kali, and here is a picture of me in my house doing a shoot with my team, after which I changed and put my pjs on because I’m extremely man down with the flu and had no events yesterday. I got dressed with no intention of going out, I’m not stupid or disrespectful. I may be the product of a white male and Indian Christian lady as you racially pointed out, but my belief is not depended on theirs or on your ideas of race and I’m EXTREMELY clued up about Hinduism. Now I’m not posting this because I owe any of these narrow minded people an explanation, I’m posting this to show how judgmental and uninformed everyone is that has accused me. Don’t try to defend yourself with hostility and aggression because you have now become the real monsters in the situation 🙏🏼

DJ Carly O

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  1. If she knows, respects and appreciates who mother Kali is, I see no issues. It’s quite hilarious actually- most Hindus see mother Kali as a blood hungry aggressive goddess with many making sacrifices in her name🙄 which is definitely not who she was.

  2. Her belief and respect for the Goddess prompted her costume choice.
    Too many ppl dont realise the enormity of their actions.
    Halloween is demonic and evil.As a Hindu I dont believe in Halloween