Aamir Khan remake of Forrest Gump goes on the floor

#BOLLYWOOD: Ever since Aamir Khan has announced that he will star in Laal Singh Chaddha, a remake of Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump, there has been a lot of chatter regarding his role. The shooting for the film began earlier this week and it will be shot in more than 100 locations in India.

Recently, a photograph surfaced showing Aamir’s mother Zeenat Hussain holding the clapboard.

Aamir Khan’s mother Zeenat Hussain with the clapboard. 
Aamir Khan’s mother Zeenat Hussain with the clapboard. 

Aamir Khan had earlier said that he does not have any problem with remaking films. “I say yes to a script whenever it excites me. I have done remakes in the past too. It Happened One Night was remade into Dil Hai KI Maanta Nahi and Tamil film Ghajini was remade as Ghajini in Hindi. However, most of the time I work on original scripts,” Aamir told Hindustan Times.

He also said that the character of Laal Singh Chaddha will connect well with the audience. “The character is very innocent. He has a different way of looking at things and you will definitely empathize with Laal Singh Chaddha,” he added.

When asked about whether it’s a challenge portraying the character when he is above 50 (Tom Hanks was 28 when he acted in Forrest Gump), Aamir said that each running shot in the original film is around 30 seconds, so that isn’t a problem at all.

It is not a hidden fact that Aamir Khan is an extremely private person and likes to keep his private life away from the limelight. However, on the occasion of Mother’s Day this year, the actor shared rare throwback pictures of himself with his parents, elder sister Nikhat and brother Faisal.

The family is looking adorable in all the three pictures that Aamir shared. He captioned one of the picture saying, “My mom, dad and Nikhat, my elder sister… happy Mother’s Day Ammi!”

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