DJ Carly O receives multiple death threats

DJ Carly O, father Tony Oosthuizen and mother Mary Papayya

DJ Carly O took center stage with the South African Indian community since last Friday over her Halloween outfit.

#DURBAN: The South African DJ’s costume of the Hindu goddess Kali outraged some while she received praise of her artistic representation.

These two messages are just some of the hundreds that we have seen directed to Carly O.

To the person in particular that said “shoot her and get done with it” , I have nothing to say to you.

DJ Carly O

Another user Zack Govender shared this message on Facebook to DJ Carly O.

Source: DJ Carly O

South African Hindu bodies condemn DJ Carly O

The South African Maha Sabha president, Mr Ashwin Trikamjee in his response to the Sunday Tribune was that the deejay’s costume was “inappropriate and disrespectful”.

While Ram Maharaj president of the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha yesterday called on Carly O to apologise, elaborating that she had ‘trampled on Hindu sensitivities and this would impact negatively on interfaith relations.’

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DJ Carly O’s parents speak out

Mary Papayya, mother of DJ Carly O has shared public statement on social media over the debacle following the threats on her family.

Read her statement below

All comments and concerns have been addressed. However given the continued and vicious attacks on social media and messages being sent including death threats and racial slurs made against you and the gender bashing and sexual and lured comments and the unabated abuse, we have contacted Mr. Ashwin Trikamjee – President of the SA Hindu Maha Sabha and set the record straight. I know him for many years and have engaged with him on many dialogues in the past. I consider him a leader of integrity and after the facts were brought to his attention he concedes that commenting in the media without the full facts was problematic. He understands that your (DJ Carly O’s) partner is Hindu and that Ma (grandmother) was a devotee of Kali Ma and you (Carly O) were named Carly because of her devotion. He has asked anyone in the community to contact him should they have further concerns. We had a robust discussion on what it means to be Hindu and at no stage did he indicate that you have to be born Hindu to be a Hindu. As your parents – the matter has been escalated for legal opinion and whether or not criminal charges have to be laid. For more help Prof Saths Cooper is also available. ❤️🙏🏾🇿🇦

Mary Papayya, SANEF Founder | DJ Carly O’s mother

Papayya speaking to Indian Spice last night stated that as parents they will not sit back and take the unwarranted abused directed towards their daughter as well as themselves.

“We are looking at opening charges against certain social media abusers,” she said.

We are considering taking the matter up with the Human Rights Commission and the Gender Commission as well! ❤️🙏🏾🇿🇦

Mary Papayya


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